viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

Time to time... everyday time.

Not to forget, I have this mail everytime... and time to time I get inspired with all the things that I read, hear, watch. So, is a lot of money can be there, but money do not will be a obstacle to my dreams(first I prefer save money to VFS...), in conclusion for the moment I have to:

1.- Do not forget where I want to shoot
2.- Draw more
3.- Have more ideas
4.- Study more english (read more, write more.. )

Well, in the newsletter I found this interview:

Here a [link] for a video where you can find "Pixar Animation Studios animator Michal Makarewicz advises students on the polishing process. He talks about how to decide which parts of a shot should be polished and how to create a natural arc in your shots. While working on Ratatouille, Michal was able to work on a few longer shots that allowed him to progress the character over time. During the polishing process, he focused on building momentum throughout the shot to create an arc. Ramping up to the important part of the shots allowed him to further develop the characters' believability."

Michal Makarewicz of Pixar from Chris Unitt on Vimeo.

"Michal Makarewicz joined Pixar Animation Studios in 2003, where he has been an animator on such features as The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL*E and most recently the upcoming Disney Pixar feature, Up. He was awarded an Annie in 2008 for Outstanding Character Animation in a Feature Production by ASIFA Hollywood for his work in Ratatouille.

In addition to his work at Pixar, Michal has been teaching animation since 2005. He has contributed lectures, as well as taught classes for the online school, Animation Mentor.

He is currently teaching classes at his alma mater, Academy of Art University. He is also a contributing animator to Spline Doctors, a blog/podcast dedicated to animation education."

That`s all my friends.-

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