lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

Your Life Away


Hoy quiero una cama dos plazas, un calientacamas y un abrazo de buenas noches.
Mi ventana con su rayo de luna que me encanta, logra que me adormezca.
Quiero un sentimiento de regocijo y el brillo en la punta del diamante del corazón que te deja con una sonrisa en el rostro.

Noches mágicas para todos ustedes !


Hoy: debería conseguirme un "muso"...

Detalles 16.


Me demoré en subirlo, pero he estado trabajando en esto.
Sombras en la base del zapato.. el ingenio aparece... Blur.

Besos !



vogue (vg)
1. The prevailing fashion, practice, or style: Hoop skirts were once the vogue.

2. Popular acceptance or favor; popularity: a party game no longer in vogue. See
Synonyms at fashion.

intr.v. vogued, vogue·ing or vogu·ing, vogues

To dance by striking a series of rigid, stylized poses, evocative of fashion models during photograph shoots.

[French, from Old French, probably from voguer, to sail, row, of Germanic origin; see wegh- in Indo-European roots. V., after the fashion magazine Vogue.]

Word History: The history of the word vogue demonstrates how sense can change dramatically over time even while flowing, as it were, in the same channel. The Indo-European root of vogue is *wegh-, meaning "to go, transport in a vehicle." Among many other forms derived from this root was the Germanic stem *wga-, "water in motion." From this stem came the Old Low German verb wogn, meaning "to sway, rock." This verb passed into Old French as voguer, which meant "to sail, row." The Old French word yielded the noun vogue, which probably literally meant "a rowing," and so by extension "a course," and figuratively "reputation" and later "reputation of fashionable things" or "prevailing fashion." The French, who have given us many fashionable things, passed this noun on as well, it being first recorded in English in 1571.

vogue [vəʊg]
1. (Clothing & Fashion) the popular style at a specified time (esp in the phrase in vogue)

2. (Clothing & Fashion) a period of general or popular usage or favour the vogue for such dances is now over
(Clothing & Fashion) (usually prenominal) popular or fashionable a vogue word
[from French: a rowing, fashion, from Old Italian voga, from vogare to row, of unknown origin]
voguish adj

fashion, trend, craze, style, the latest, the thing (informal), mode, last word, the rage, passing fancy, dernier cri (French) the new vogue for herbal medicines
fashionable, trendy (Brit. informal), in, now (informal), popular, with it (informal), prevalent, up-to-the-minute, modish, the new, du jour (French), voguish, culty The word `talisman' has become a vogue word in sports writing.
in vogue popular, big, fashionable, all the rage, happening, accepted, current, cool, in favour, stylish, up to date, in use, prevalent, up to the minute, modish, the new, du jour (French), trendsetting, culty Pale colours are in vogue this season.

FROM freedictionary