lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

A way to help.


Today I remember that all what I dream is not for have a better future to me, is more than that. If for be part (and with this i refer: projecting ourselves in another person) and can give a better future to others. How ? The time will tell me.

What`s our life is we don´t think it like a way to help ? To impact, to be part of the change.

All our dreams don´t means nothing and are empty if they don´t make a change, a positive change to others.

We live to achive our dreams, and our dreams have sense for us, when have sense for itself, that means, when have sense for every each person.

We are change agents. I am a change agent, and my dreams, imply hit at least one person in a really very positive way.

I am citizen of the word, I have this strong feeling of be part of a unit ( i don´t have the feeling of belong of a country ) and I have certainty that I am learning everything I need to put my grain of sand. Every day is not in vain. Each day i build myself, my message, mi legacy.

ps: I apologize if my English grammar is not quite correct, I try to improve every day.