martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

feel great

Sometimes i feel like i am loosing something.. I do not "what".. and I do not know if I have the correct answer for "why"
My sister told me today, just "your took the long way".. to achieve your goals.. Maybe I have a lot of aims.. Maybe I want to reach high aims..

I know I want great things to me, and to all that people that surround me .
I don´t want to disappoint anybody that believes in me, either myself … just sometimes.. I would like to make the things faster.. but in the other hand.. I try to think: slowly.. , but surely.

Sometimes I stop and think " Am I doing the correct think to me ? " .. But.. What is correct ?

At the end of the day.. I just want to lie on my bed feeling that I am living my life in a great way… In the future I want to look back, smile and feel great.

[ Song: Kiss Kiss ]