martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Song of the day...


It´s good be obsessed for some things....

Let´s go dream high !

BeanPole Inspiration Research

parece que el caos, es algo natural...
un estudio así... y más.... fusionado con el de rag and bone...

BeanPole Store Inspiration

Yo quiero una tienda como esta y un trailer como ese, para mi marca...desde ahí para arriba.

BenPole & Hui Kang Yea Creative Director


Baskin Robbins 31_Kiss from Hui Kang Yea on Vimeo.

Video de Bean Pole, no me mata, pero rescato a Hui Kang Yea, Creative Director, parte de la Agencia Cheil Worlwide, link here.



Designed by Koniak Design | Country: Israel
“For the launching of her spring/summer 11 collection, fashion designer Maya Negri commissioned the studio to create a unique press kit which includes a catalogue, poster and fashion film produced in collaboration with Diego Prilusky and Michal Lerman.
The idea behind minimal form – the name of the collection, represented by the gestalt letter M, is to celebrate the clean-cut design of the collection pieces.
The collection, inspired by the designer’s journey to Japan, includes solid colors, airy fabrics and loose fits.”

MINIMAL FORM from Maya Negri on Vimeo.

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Grupo Vibra
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Cool Concept + D&D Clothing + Monstro da Torta

Es increíble como algunas ideas que he tenido últimamente van apareciendo en mi camino... es como si me dijeran " es viable.. sigue... "

INFLUENCERS in-depth Series / STEVE STOUTE from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Great explanation of what “being cool” means and why brands should interact with artists.

D&D Clothing

link here

“Twin brothers, Dan and Dave have been a creative force in the magic industry for well over a decade. Their latest venture goes beyond anything they’ve done before and into the exciting world of fashion. D&D Clothing was inspired from their interest in design and love for magic, this new endeavor expresses a their lifestyle and hopefully yours too.
52 Leagues is the first in a series of t-shirts that will be available in a variety of colors. The title was inspired by the Jules Verne classic with the spade and “52” contributing to our obsession for playing cards. The design depicts a giant Octopus crumbling a Pirate ship into the abyss. Pre-washed and made from 100% Pima cotton for a soft and lightweight feel. Graphics on the front, back, and inside collar. Packaged inside a custom vellum envelope with an organic hemp hangtag. No detail was left out.”

Monstro da Torta

Designed by Fernando Fernandes & Silmo Bonomi | Country: Brazil
O Monstro da Torta means The Pie Monster in English and it is a new fashion brand of baby clothes in São Paulo, Brazil.
The challenge was to create a stylish package to be different in this market. The brand’s concept is about a Monster, who came from a place called Monstozelândia, very close to New Zealand, and he found in Brazil happiness and some good mates. He also LOVES meat pies and does everything to eat them. He is lovely, friendly, blue and huge. He likes kids but he never appears in the story, just small parts of his body.
After a lot of effort to make our idea viable in terms of costs and production we came up with the idea to use pie packages (very popular in Brazil) and bring to them a refined look. They are printed in 5 colors (one being metallic), plus varnish and lamination BOPP.
This brand has a very clear mindset. They want to become a kind of fairytale and once that happens, they will launch new products expanding their business to different segments such as; books, food, toys, etc.”