martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

Birgit Amadori Work

Cover Book "Emma" UK edition.

Cover Book "Pride and Prejuidce" UK Edition

Born and raised in Germany
Graduated from HfG Offenbach in 2002
Living and working in beautiful Redondo Beach since 2004

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My Space Page

"...Is an Illustrator and designer, her work includes book covers, book illustrations, wallpapers, posters and website graphics. Her influences range from the Art Nouveau artist of Europe to the woodblock and manga artist of japan, resulting in a work that uniquely combines a western and far eastern visual language in the application of colours, patterns, planes and spaces. She is known for designing a room for Hotel Fox in Copenhagen entitled "King`s Forest" in 2005..." from the book Graphic Details, A Style Guide to Patterns and Applications.

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