viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Rules of the Garage.

* Believe you can change the world.
* Work quickly, keep the tools unlocked, work whenever.
* Know when to work alone and when to work together.
* Share tools, ideas. Trust your colleagues.
* No Politics. No bureaucracy. (These are ridiculous in a garage).
* The customer defines a job well done.
* Radical ideas are not bad ideas.
* Invent different ways of working.
* Make a contribution every day. If it doesn’t contribute, it doesn’t leave the garage.
* Believe that together we can do anything.
* Invent.

"I was remembering today the importance of simple, effective and straight things and the relation this philosophy has in performance. I was remembering that these rules that HP (Hewlett and Packard) place were truly real rules from their work station, a garage."

This are the words of my blog friend Karla Ticona, and I want rescue this snippet and the powerfull idea of the garage... All this is because at least for me, have a lot of sense....

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