viernes, 27 de febrero de 2009

This is me, today

This is me, today.
With so many things to think.. with so many things to do.
Even when I'm not wishing to comply with the obligations that I have.

There are so many ideas that are changing in my mind. There are many unclear, many are in the process of taking shape.
Almost in a catatonic way. (And look for the word catatonic in the dictionary to make sure what I'm saying.) And it's definitely how I feel.


Hoy fui a renovar mi carnet de identidad temprano en la mañana, me fui caminando al registro civil que queda cerca de mi casa. Fue interesante caminar por las calles, con el fuerte sol y el viento que provocan los autos de la carretera.

To work. Kisses.

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